Public Outreach and Education



Ichthyology Deep-sea Collection for 'Collections up Close' at the University of Kansas Union (April).

Deep-sea Diversity during 'Science Night' at the Lawrence Beer Company (March).

Article about scientific communication and my creation of the #SundayFishSketch on twitter

Fish reproduction booth during 'Sexy Science' at the KU Natural History Museum (February).



Deep-sea Fishes booth during 'Science of the Macabre' at the KU Natural History Museum (October).

Martin, R.P. (2017) Backpage article: Art of the Deep. Fisheries, 42, 244



Photos used in news articles:
University of Kansas: New research shines light on surprising numbers and evolutionary variety of bioluminescent ocean fishes. 

Mashable: Far more fish make their own light than we thought, study finds.

Live Science:  Flash Mob! Glowing in Fishes More Widespread Than Thought

Ars Technica: Evolution favors the bioluminescent



Invasive Species Awareness. The Global Social Responsibility Conference, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN. Oral Presentation

Co-creator of interpretive trail signs for educational purposes at Camp Ripley, Minnesota


Deep-sea Diversity: Science Night at Lawrence Beer company


Fish Reproduction Booth: Sexy Science at the KU Natural History Museum


Deep-sea Fishes: Science of the Macabre at the KU Natural History Museum

Fisheries Backpage Article